Interesting Weekend

Well some things got in my way so I didn’t get as much done as I would like. I spent most of one day cleaning the house and trying to find a key to sing the day you went away in. I ended up with G but am having trouble getting the low note so may go to Ab or A. I did however have a moment of inspiration and had to record the idea down. It was good to be able to put the lyric and guitar part down at once even if they were a bit shaky, the idea is there to go back too. Even so I had trouble sleeping that night with more ideas coming into my head. Probably just should have got up and did something with them at the time. They are still kind of there and I am hoping they will come back fully when I review what I put down.

I still didn’t really decide on a second cover to write but came up with a covers set list while waiting for a lift. I want to get a list that I can play solo so I can busk with it for practice and add the original stuff. Then be brave and get some gigs, (which may be easier said than done)

I think the most interesting thing that happens was when I approached the school for some brush up singing lessons to add to the what I did in uni they offered me a position to teach singing as I am a ‘”natural musician and would be fine” My only issue was curriculum, but I got a few books and tried some stuff and will take it on next term. I have always found the best way to enhance your understanding of something is to teach it.

As for teaching on the weekend, transposing was an interesting topic to cover with one of the girls. She balked at a song to learn as it was too high last week but still learned it. This week I showed her how to transpose by either moving everything down so many frets if all barre cords, moving up with a capo and showing her comparative keys. With the CK you work out what key you are in and write out the scale, then write out the scale of the key you want to transpose to. ie C to G



you just line them up and play the chord the is underneath.

Also I think I may have just started a band in the last 5 minutes…..

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