Time to get back on the horse

Well that was an interesting year or so. Guess who is now the proud dad of two beautiful little girls? Plenty of memories, good and bad and a whole bunch of growing up. It has shown in my music writing and given me someting more to write about. I don’t however (cute they are) want to only write songs about hou much I love my family. I will have to figure out how to use these new life experiances to compose some emotive music.

Had to laugh, looked at my last post where I was invited to teach singing and had some concerns over it I am now (other than Jenny who teachrs privatly and has a waiting list) the first choice singing teacher at my school. I even feel comfortable in the role. My next singing challenge is working out via research and experiment a warm up and method for singing metal.

\rant\ what is this ‘screamo’ i hear about? To me that sound quite derogatory. It is METAL regardless on how the vocals sound. These vacalist work hard, very hard at producing that sound, and to just call it screaming is not giving enought credit. How many pop singers end up with a hemorage? (some I know) but anyhow \end rant\

I want to ensure that if I have students (or when I want to) who would like a bit of growl, that they can do so without fear of ending their singing carerrs early.

Now one of the main reasons I have been thinking this is that I have been working with a few people on a metal band. We sort of have a singer but haven’t tried him yet. This band has been great for me as it has been challenging. It is experimental in regards to harmony and timing more than enything and has made me write in a new way. i will come up with some riffs and then ‘Break’ them. We are aiming for either a ‘gent’ style or something with alot of ‘free’ form in it. To start wtih I have been using serialism and odd time signitures to achive this. But being able to play this music and sing to it has been an issue for me. I would love to get what is in my head out there, but have to be able to do so. Hence the warm up and focus on metal singing.

I have pretty much cemented my busking set, which is nice. It is added to on a regular basis by my singing students. If I have to learn their songs I may as well use them. And it gives me something different to sing that I wouldn’t normaly try. Liek county…. I can sing it well (at least I think so) and find that the accoustic songs I write have (vocally) a country feel. Who would have guessed…. But I am writing more and more and have set up a studio for myself and just need to make tome to work on these new ideas. I did have ot laugh on the weekend  with a set of lyrics I wrote. Tried a chord progression just to see if it fit and of course it did. It fits everything (D A Bm G, that chord song) So I will have to come up with something else. I know that it is a great progression, hence it would not be used so regulary, but I believe I can do something a bit more original.

Ok I have ranted on for long enough. I will expand on some of this later but just wanted to get my keyboard warmed up.

Untill then.. See ya

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