I can still remember the days at uni when i could practice 8 hours a day, not that i did that often. These days between family work and study,  there is not much time to spare. With increasing access to entertainment to boot wifh on demand TV and movies it is far too easy to lay back and relax instead of picking up the guitar or bass for some practice. So how have i found time for music?

Well first of all is a bit of discipline.  This on demand stuff is just fhat – on demand. I can watch it anytime, the bus, in bed,  on the loo… places where i can’t play guitar comfortably.  So i relax on devices there, also try to not watch an entire season of something in one go. This leaves me with time to play. I’m not going to get in 8 hours any time soon, but i am getting a few hours more a week in by making sure i get a bit in every day. Sometimes it is only 10 minutes while I’m waiting for something, this is where having a guitar on the wall or stand is helpful. Other times i go into the garage with headphones on and have a longer session.
But just as there is time for multitasking  other things  you can find ways to practice away from your instrument. You see there are some things you can practice away from your guitar, take fretboard memorization.  You don’t need your guitar to work out where g is above the 12th fret. You can test youraeif by mentally visualizing notea, chords, scales  snd licks. By doing this you are laying down pathways in your brain that will enable you to recall this information  faster,  also you now don’t need to practice  them so much on your guitar. Freeing up time in your practice  sessions for other things.

Another thing i like to do is find exercises that are transferable. This is usually a technique like string skipping or legato, applied to other ideas like sequences or arpeggios.  Throw in a few different keys and chords and you can cover a lot of musical ground for less effort.

So if you are thinking you don’t have enough time to practice.  Think again.

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