My newish bass

So after a nice walk hoping rhat it would not rain I find rhe place and try out the rig.  The bass was light, which rang some alarm bells. But once I plugged it in and had a go they went away. This bass was comfortable to play and sounded good. I took her home and into my room. Played wirh her for a bit and got the tone I was after. It seems smaller than my gilmore but it’s  just the head layout.
I’ve  tuned it down to C standard and the  intonation is good. So now i can learn the low stuff without having to mess with tuning and it’s so nice to play i will use it alot I’m guessing.  It will also be good as a back up. Now i have to save my pennies for xmas when i might get something from the top shelf. I’ll see where the band is at.

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