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I can still remember the days at uni when i could practice 8 hours a day, not that i did that often. These days between family work and study,  there is not much time to spare. With increasing access to … Continue reading

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Well after teaching this week I treated myself to a new presonus audiobox to interface better with my computer. Well it has cut down the latency, but there is some there still. After reading the required specs I’ll need to get a better computer (or use the wife’s) to get rid of it altogether. Anyhow just tapping in with the count in gives me something to line up visually is a quick fix, I just have to remember to do it with the vocals. With that asside it’s great. I can now monitor and play along. It also came with some nice headphones and an awesome mic. The audiobox also has phantom power but still only runs off USB. So having the ability to just plug in, turn a few knobs to get a good mix and start putting tracks down has been great, now I just need to get a few tracks I like. 

So I have only put down one vocal track so far and I have to work on finding my voice. I am sure ( well hopeful) that many singers have struggled with this. It’s not too hard to copy someone else’s sound, but to find your own is a challenge, one worth it as no one likes to listen to a copy, it’s got to be original.

I am going to have to restudy mixing, it’s been a decade since I’ve done anything in a studio setting. I know what sound I want but have to learn how to get it out of that speaker. I am going for a much warmer sound than I am achieving right now, I’m going to run the guitar through a few different amps but I have been eyeing off the tesla pickups at work, so that may be my next upgrade.

I have also been having fun with GarageBand, the drums most of all. Not being a drummer, the drum machine has been great. Going through a bunch of random settings is giving me plenty to bounce off. Also being able to make a quick backing track/loop to play over is proving to be a very useful tool. It also has a very simple way to cut, paste and drag parts around to change the form of the song. It still needs a peripheral to plthey guitar/mic into the iPad. Once I get that I’m sure it will become an even more useful tool.

So back to it.

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